DEGRAPHY STUDIOS is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Khartoum, Sudan. DEGRAPHY concept was born in 2016 with a joint of designers, creative thinkers and problem solvers all in one place, the studio is embracing the cultural diversity growth mindset in a global scale, aiming to change the perspective of creative Arts and Design in the region and affect communities, introduce new concepts and develop the understanding of a good design mentality.

DEGRAPHY is aiming to be the leading brand in the creative revolution of Arts and Design, while giving back to the community is the reason behind our energy, we look forward to having a positive impact in every experience, painting a fingerprint in the development of humanity.


The corners are the foundation of our creations. The creative engineering combination molded through conceptual thoughts that result in creative and unique creations


mother of all Arts, the structure of our masterpieces. Architecture helps us build and plan the engineering perfection of a specific design.


Visual communication that speaks louder than words, transforming visions into reality, creating identities and so much more, creates a strong connection between the design and the audience.


A lens can capture moments and design memories, it’s our point of view where we look at things differently, the Artistic eye that shows our creation with a creative perspective.


Since the beginning of humanity, Art was the source of discoveries and expressions, Art tells stories, creates this infinite imagination space that explodes with creativity, it’s the heartbeat of our creations that shapes the soul of our brand.