249 Writers

Client: 249 writers

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Service: Identity Design

Corners: Graphic Design, Photography


 249 writers are a street art platform, founded by several Sudanese street & graffiti artists. From Murals to paintings and graffiti, this sensational Art brand brings walls and surfaces to life, adding Artistic touches, embracing creative Art for the community as well as Promoting Art Locally and Internationally by putting standards to Professional Arts Performing and Mentality.  

249 aims to be a platform of street Art lifestyle, making the brand standout as one of the masterpieces brought to Life with a pure Sudanese soul.


249 writers known for using the Lion as their main theme character to this brand, presenting King of the jungle in the heart of Africa, reflected by it’s Paw lines as it appears writing number (4) in the logo while keeping the Graffiti Block theme to the rest of the design. Hence, it represents the writing of the Lion.

The logo Mark (4 slashes) is to be used as a main marketing face to this brand on social media and other platforms plus other materials and sets.