Client: Sudani ESS

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Service: Visual Identity Design

 Corners: Graphic design, Architecture


Sudani Telecom group Corporates section “ESS” is aiming to put a fingerprint to their section’s services, refreshing it with its own branding set, reflecting their essence and personality visually.

Beside rebranding ESS identity design includes an Architectural project, which will reflect on the whole identity visuals, in this project it we’ll try to create an identity design represents ESS in all visual aspects, and how the merge of the corners work.


GRAPHIC DESIGN                                           

Sudani ESS corporate is one of the major departments in Sudani’s structure, after research the ESS personality contains the juice of the visual identity guidelines, guided from the mother Brand itself as the core essence of Sudani’s identity.

Therefore, selecting the color scheme and design guidelines followed the brand personality (premium, bold, corporate.) reflected by the black theme, while the design created from the logo elements to meet complete the whole picture of the visual identity.


ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN                              

Architectural design on the other hand was full of challenges, the goal is to create a design that reflects the ESS, focusing on translating the visual identity design as an architectural element with a certain function to complete the puzzle.

Three elements created to achieve our goal, each with a different function, it also adds beauty and consistency to the visual identity.