Housing Design

Client: Selections of projects

Location: Sudan, KSA

Service: Architectural Design

Corners: Architecture – Art – Graphic Design


The architectural residential vacuum represents the basis of   individual personality in society through direct communication between the volume   and human , sense and substance, touches and Texture,  and other things that affects in human behaviors and the extent of giving to the community, which helps to change and create better a community.

The concept is to create architectural masterpieces that reflects your essence and your identity.


The architectural style is an identity that reflects significantly in patterns of mass formation, quality of construction, materials used and color. The identity of the historical era and the cultural content of the bloc reflects the essence and character of the style. Throughout the ages, the architectural style has reflected the progress of humanity and human behavior.

The simplicity, accuracy and clarity of the lines, in addition to the symmetry in the edges and moderation in the public landscape, with the uniqueness of the addition of elements of modern design reduces the design to be characterized by the classic style of the innovative, which represents a unique architectural identity reflects the integrity and taste of the user.


The first is to study the client's functional requirements and study the design inputs and work on creating an architectural identity that meets the functional and intellectual needs of the user, and then the design idea is further developed. The ideas are taken in a practical and realistic manner and lead to implementation on the ground. Architectural designs, construction services and structural engineering designs are optimized to provide a technical definition of the project


Architectural design is the mother of all Arts, it’s clearly reflected through out the ages. Since then, Architecture effects the human behavior, feelings and emotions, the power of architecture resembles in creating a definition to who we are in reality.