Client: Vendetta

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Service: Identity Design

Corners: Graphic design, Photography


VENDETTA is a clothing brand store that offers various wearables styles for Both genders and for almost all occasions.

Premium quality is what makes VENDETTA shines between local clothing brands, the brand aims to be heart captivating and super attractive to customers of all kinds, presenting quality products and challenging visitors in style and elegance, making a conflict of selection due to the unlimited options, translating the brand’s essence and personality into visuals is what we created.


 VENDETTA is known as vigilante of the people, a revolutionary persona with mysterious aspects, while style and elegance are the major traits in this brand’s personality.  The design concept is to using typography styles with straight lines and sharp angles, the “V” letter is used as a logo mark on products and other stationaries.  Selection of color scheme reflects the brand’s personality wine Red is the color of elegance and attraction also the color of revolution in updated mindset as in Vendetta’s Myth.